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Nivetha and Riso are genuinely a fun-loving couple and it certainly was a pleasure to document their London pre wedding shoot. We were quite fortunate with the weather at the time as it had been not so favourable in the earlier part of the week. It didn’t take much time for them to truly get into the session and for good reason…because Riso gave me the heads up that he wanted to surprise Nivetha with an official marriage proposal! Nivetha really had no idea what was planned for her. I was grateful that I was there to capture the special moment.

We had a lot of fun and I look forward to photographing their Tamil Hindu Wedding later on in the year in August 2017.

Below are some of my favourites from the session.

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Dharshika and Madura’s wonderful Tamil wedding was certainly one to remember. Full of colour and attention to detail, all of which contributed to a wonderful day. The day itself was held at Parklands, Quendon Hall and was a fitting venue to host such an event.

It was clear to see that these two have a great connection and as always, I wanted to convey that through the images I took. Tamil Hindu weddings typically have a lot of sequences involved within the ceremony, but both Dharshika and Madura took to it all so naturally and it was a pleasure to document their colourful event as their chosen wedding photographer.

Below are some of my favourites taken on the day. This post also includes a selection of the pre-wedding photos that were taken a couple of months prior to their wedding occasion. These were presented to the friends and families via a slideshow at the reception on the following evening. If you missed it, here it is again. I hope you enjoy.


20150621_162522_7892 20150621_165104_8103 20150621_174106_8274 20150621_175906_8316 20150621_182435_8368 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00006 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00007 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00008 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00009 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00010 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00011 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00012 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00013 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00014 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00015 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00016 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00017 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00018 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00019 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00020 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00021 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00022 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00023 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00024 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00025 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00026 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00027 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00028 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00029 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00030 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00031 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00032 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00033 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00034 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00035 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00036 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00037 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00038 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00039 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00040 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00041 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00042 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00043 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00044 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00045 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00046 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00047 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00048 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00049 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00050 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00051 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00052 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00053 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00054 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00055 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00056 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00057 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00058 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00059 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00060 Jermaine_Chandra_Tamil_Wedding_Parklands_Quendon_Hall_00061


What an enjoyable Indian wedding this was. I was honoured when both Chirag and Sabitha chose me to be their Asian wedding photographer. In fact, Chirag happens to be the brother of Ronak, whose Indian wedding I covered over a year ago. This wedding therefore felt more like a reunion of friends and family. The Grand Hotel in Brighton is a stunning venue to host a wedding and certainly one of my favourites. Not only does it support the general guest capacity an Asian wedding demands, but it is also full of detail and space that is a dream for any wedding photographer to work with. It is also not too far from Brighton Pier either.

This wedding followed not too long after their pre-wed shoot hosted in Portsmouth. The pre-wed shoot gave the couple an opportunity to get to know me better as a photographer and also allowed me to get to know them a little better as a couple. By the time the wedding arrived we were already so well acquainted that the day was allowed to just naturally flow by.

I truly had an awesome time documenting their celebrations. This circle of wonderful people have always made me feel most welcome, especially the parents, who always made sure I was fed and watered (always appreciated, especially when documenting a challenging event such as an Indian wedding!). Thank you to you both for choosing me to provide your Asian wedding photography services, I genuinely wish you all the very best for your future together.

Below are some highlights from the day.

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