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I initially met these two in the summer of this year. Andrew is perhaps the shyest groom I have met as a wedding photographer, but it was evident to see that underneath that shyness there was a heart of gold. Both started off as not too keen on having photos taken, but this soon changed as time went on – they began to understand the importance and value photography instills in any family home.

Not long after we met, we arranged to have their pre-wedding shoot documented. Aside from getting locked in the park due to losing track of time (!), both Cashanna and Andrew did brilliantly on the day. Not only did they learn a bit more about me and how I shoot, but it was also the ice-breaker that they both needed to become more comfortable in front of the camera. So when the big day approached, any nerves in front of the camera were soon dispersed. The day itself ran brilliantly! I wish the both of them many happy years together.

Here are a few selections from Cashanna and Andrew’s Church Wedding ceremony.

Cashanna and Andrew | Church Wedding