Jermaine’s style has been described as colourful, imaginative and distinctive, yet he is a firm believer that the images that he produces should tell a story within each individually documented moment. His attitude is fearless and determined, but his behaviour is respectful and well-mannered.

Jermaine continually strives to push the boundaries on his creative approach whilst being mindful of discreetly documenting the joining of two families at these very special wedding events. He wants you to relive your unique day through his eyes and to witness the unseen parts of your special day in the highest of clarity and richness of memory.

The ability to think on his feet in a creative way, to work under high pressure and to bring out the best in any given situation are some of the key characteristics that defines this photographer as someone who not only loves photography, but also the union of two people in love. Having a clear understanding that each wedding event is different helps ensure that Jermaine's work stays creative and current. Similarly, his desire to capture and document the truth is what also remains consistent at these very different occasions.

If the above sounds in line with what you are seeking in a wedding photographer, please contact info@jermainechandra.com where we can talk more about your plans.


So, what is it like working alongside Jermaine during one of the most important milestones in your life? Sabitha and Chirag, who chose Jermaine as their wedding photographer, share their experiences with you in this short video.